submissive appreciation: birthday perks!

If you are a regular* submissive and come to session with Me during the week of your birth, I will give you 20% off the session. This stacks with the discount I offer for sessions that are two or more hours!  As of March 2016, the discount is now 25% and does not stack with the existing discount for sessions two or more hours.

Just show Me your photo and birthday on your ID! (I don’t need to see your name and address.)

*A regular is someone I have seen at least 3 times in a 6 month period.

What kind of submissives do I like?

While some Dommes indicate preferences for the types of subs that serve them, My requirements are simple: I want you to actually be submissive.

You don’t have to be attractive or in-shape or “young” or of a certain ethnicity. These things are irrelevant when it comes to service. This is why I don’t ask for what you look like when you apply to see Me. I ask your age for legal reasons but it, like how tall you are or your hair and eye color, has no bearing on your ability to serve.

I welcome neurodiverse people eighteen years and older, any ethnicity, any color, any gender identity and expression, any sexual orientation, any body type or ability, any religion, any nationality, and any experience level.

Whore training for e

“This was my second session with Mistress Tissa.  W/w had communicated previously by email, and Mistress was very conscientious in learning about my interests and “needs.”  When W/we met for this session, She greeted me at her door dressed in an extremely sexy outfit, befitting her status as a true Dominatrix.  Seeing Her and Her well-appointed place, I immediately sensed that this was a high-class woman and that i was in for an experience of a lifetime.

First, She reviewed (without counting it against our session time) our earlier communications to confirm the type of scene that i sought.  Then she led me to Her Dungeon. At first, with candles located throughout, it seemed like a place of worship. On further inspection, I noticed that instead of chalices and sacred vestments, there were implements of various sorts that were more suggestive of the considerably more unholy rituals that took place there. 

i was immediately put at ease (maybe “mesmerized”) by Her manner.  She asked me to strip completely, and then She meticulously selected the outfit that i would wear to begin my slut/whore training. After giving me a brief lesson to teach me how to apply makeup, she restrained my arms and legs while lying on a table in the middle of Her dungeon.  i was then completely at Her mercy.

She proceeded to give me a graphic preview of what would eventually be expected of me as Her personal “whore”, who would be required to “turn tricks” in order to finance her travel needs. …

i can’t wait to return for my next session to resume my training as a whore.  i know that with Mistress’ guidance, i will eventually be one of the best!”

– e