ask and ye shall receive, slave m

Early in my most recent session with Mistress Tissa, She reminded me that i had previously asked Her to tell me how i could better serve Her as Her slave.  Being slave to a True Goddess in Mistress Tissa is a position that i truly relish and naturally it is a responsibility that i want to continually improve upon.  To be able to serve Mistress Tissa in such a way that i am able to continually please Her is my ultimately goal.  That being said, i know it is my responsibility to try to continue to hone my skills as Her slave by not only always doing exactly what i am told in Her presence,  but also to strive to perfect the services She desires from me during a session.  i love trying to please Mistress Tissa and as i have stated in my previous writings, O/our session is only complete when Mistress Tissa closes out O/our sessions with the statement, “you have pleased me today slave m.”  It is always music to my ears.  Truth be told, i cannot remember a session ever ending where she did not compliment me for serving her well, so i am batting a thousand, with the internal goal of never dropping one point below that average.

So after reminding me that i had previously asked Her how i could serve Her better, She informed me as to how i was going to do exactly that during this particular session.  So what was expected of me during this session, which was not required of me during previous sessions?  i would be taught several slave positions. Before explaining what slave positions i would be taught, let me first emphasize that i am a student of an absolute master of BDSM.  i cannot imagine anyone being more knowledgeable in all aspects of BDSM than Mistress Tissa.  i am always amazed as to how knowledgeable, well-informed, thorough, and experienced Mistress Tissa is as a Dominatrix.  She is a brilliant Dominatrix.  When you are serving this amazing person, you are serving a true master.   i learned early on during my sessions with Mistress Tissa that i was at the mercy of a completely dominant and professional Dominatrix who had mastered Her craft extremely well.  Everything She does during a session is done to perfection*.

Now more on the slave positions that i learned from a Master Teacher.  The first position i learned was the “kneel” position. Slave position number two was “humble.”  Slave position number three was “discipline.”  For slave position number four i was commanded to get up off of the ground and to stand upright, legs spread, placing my arms over my head and locking them together.  This position was called “inspection.”  And, that is exactly what Mistress Tissa did for the next five minutes, She inspected my entire body.  At one point She even spread my ass cheeks apart inspecting my (actually Her) hole for possible future use.  Probably the only thing She did not inspect was my teeth, but She actually did that once before.  At my very first session with Mistress Tissa, She required that i stay on all fours for an extended period of time while She inspected my body and at one point even checked my teeth.  The only other person i can remember checking my teeth was my dental hygienist.  Like, i previously mentioned, She is extremely thorough.  But, now back to elaborating on my new slave positions.  Once i had learned my four new positions, i was required to quickly follow each of Mistress Tissa’s commands by getting into whichever position She required of me.  i followed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The last command was the humble position.  In that position, Mistress Tissa prepared me for what was to come next.  She wrapped tape around the base of my scrotal sac, so that my balls were, well i guess you would say in a sack!  She then pulled my balls behind me and attached a “humbler” to the back of my thighs so that i was now unable to move and was pretty much at Her complete disposal.  i had never worn a humbler, pretty interesting invention to say the least!  Mistress Tissa also placed handcuffs on my wrists, and chained my legs together.  Finally She placed what i believe was a steel anal hook in my ass and connected it to the collar that i was now wearing around my neck.  Interestingly, i cannot remember wearing hand cuffs with Mistress Tissa, so that was somewhat of a new and different sensation.


It was now time for my beating.  Mistress Tissa used several “instruments of torture” to paddle and whip my ass until it was sore and (probably) crimson in color.  Ironically, the most powerful and painful smack was administered with Her hands.  Mistress Tissa is incredible powerful, to say the least.  i could not even imagine what She could do to you if you ever crossed Her, not that I would even think about doing that.  After my beating had ended, i was permitted to move into one of my favorite positions, laying on my back at Her feet.

Mistress Tissa then placed Her beautiful heels on various parts of the front of my body, pressing down with Her feet ever so slightly.  First word that comes to mind, heaven!  She then brought Her heels to my face and told me first to kiss the long heel of Her shoe once and then the bottom of her shoe once.  As she held her shoe close to my face, Her command was simple and direct, “kiss.”   She did that with both of Her beautiful heels.  i waited until i was given the command to kiss before i took the liberty to do so.  i know better than to take any liberties with Mistress Tissa without Her complete consent.   At one point She crossed her legs and placed them on my chest.  After a minute or so, i stated the obvious, “i love to be Your foot rest.”   Mistress Tissa replied, “i like having you for a foot rest.”  Life is good!

The final command of the day then came from Mistress Tissa after she placed her feet in front of me as i stayed in the “humble” position in front of Her.  The command was to kiss the top of Her toes on each foot one time.  i did so with respect and reverence and loved this true honor!  Is there anything that could possibly be more fulfilling for a true slave then to be in a humble position in front of a true Goddess in Mistress Tissa and being allowed to kiss the tops of Her feet as a sign of my devotion to Her.  The answer to that question is NO!


*slave m is being generous with his compliments. While I am knowledgeable and skilled, am I an “absolute” and “true master”? No. Do I complete everything with “perfection”? No. For some submissives and slaves I may be “perfect”. I think it’s because I possess something more than learned skills. What makes a Dominatrix special is more than how well She can tie you up and whip your ass. What makes Her special is Her essence.

more fun with slave m

As i sat down to talk to Mistress Tissa before O/our most recent session i immediately took notice that She was not wearing shoes.  It is hard not to notice Her beautiful feet when they are bare.  From my many sessions with Mistress Tissa, that usually means one of two distinct possibilities.  She is going to allow me the privilege to wash and/or massage Her feet, or She is going to allow me a different privilege and that is to place new heels or boots on Her feet, that i had previously gifted to Her.  Either one of these privileges would have been equally rewarding.  After kneeling at Her still bare feet and explaining to Mistress Tissa why i had come to serve Her, i received the answer to my question.  It was the latter; i would be placing heels that i had gifted to Her on her slender, yet beautiful feet.  Mistress Tissa instructed me to crawl on my knees and to retrieve the shoe box located in another part of Her Temenos.   i was then instructed to open the box, remove one heel at a time and to place them on Her feet.  i did as i was instructed as efficiently as possible and enjoyed every second of my assignment.  After the second heel was placed on Her foot, both She and i stared at Her beautiful feet in Her beautiful new heels.  i am probably biased, because i gifted them to Mistress Tissa, but they looked amazing, and She looked amazing in them.  The best description i could give of the heels is that they had small and large stud spikes all over the shoes with much longer (scary looking) spikes approximately one inch in length on the toes and heel of the five inch high heels.  Actually the heels were a little intimidating when worn by Mistress Tissa.  She could do a lot of damage with those shoes if She wanted to, but i will write more on that later.  During O/our session, every opportunity that was made available to me, i would take peek at Her new heels.  They were a sight to see.  Beautiful, intimidating, exquisite, and unique are all words i would use to describe Mistress Tissa’s new heels.  The manufacturer describes them as “dangerously hot heels” and I concur.

After placing the heels on Mistress Tissa, She instructed me to again stand up, gather up a pillow and to kneel on the pillow facing Her bondage table.  i obeyed.  She then instructed me to raise my arms and She proceeded to tie ropes around my arms and secure them to the ceiling.  Both of my arms were tied and i was required to raise them in the air, exposing my back and backside for Mistress Tissa’s future use.  Next my legs were tied and i prepared myself for what was coming next.  i would be given a beating!  Actually i predicted that this was coming even before i arrived at O/Our session on this day.  On my drive to my sessions with Mistress Tissa, i naturally review in my head what might be in store for me on that day.  Mistress Tissa is extremely unpredictable and i usually guess wrong.  But, during our last few sessions, Mistress Tissa had not been as physical with me and i did not go home as sore as i had in some of O/our prior sessions.  i had a feeling that this session would be different and it would be more physically intense.  It was.  Mistress Tissa used various floggers and whips on my back and ass, with the most intense whip being what she described as a custom made “single tail whip.”  i have felt that one in the past and it stings like hell!  The good news is that although at times it was quite painful, i did not use my safe word.  i am proud of that fact.  What was a little different about this beating is that Mistress Tissa spent some time talking me through the beating and helped me to focus my thoughts and energies in the right direction so that i gained greater enjoyment from being whipped.  i can honestly say it worked and i enjoyed the mix of pain and pleasure more than i think i have in the past.  Oh, the pleasure part was Mistress Tissa rubbing some of my most tender body parts after lashing me with the whip, in order to help soothe the pain.  She is truly a master at bringing instant relief just through Her healing touch.  When Mistress Tissa decided to stop the beating, She untied me and instructed me to get up off of my knees and to climb into the now open cage that was directly in front of me.  Mistress Tissa’s bondage table doubles as a cage when you lift open the top of the table.

After i was instructed to lie on my back inside of my new resting place, Mistress Tissa started to gather more ropes.  i would be tied up again.  She began with my arms being tied to the sides of the cage, followed by my thighs also being tied to the sides of the cage.  Initially i did not understand the purpose of how i was being tied, although i am sure Mistress Tissa had something in mind.  She then looped ropes around my ankles and tied them to the top part of the cage, keeping my legs in the air and my ass exposed.  Then it occurred to me what was coming next.  I would soon (again) become the “bitch” of this demanding and powerful Woman.  My fuck hole belongs to Mistress Tissa and She would again be claiming Her rights to it.  i began to mentally prepare myself for what was to come.  Mistress Tissa finished tying me up the way She wanted and put the finishing touches on me by inserting a ball gag in my mouth and a hood over my head.  At that point various size dildos began being inserted into my ass, one at a time.


i could feel myself being stretched more and more with each new entry.  When one of the dildos was inserted halfway into me, Mistress Tissa asked me a very interesting question, “will you take the rest for me?”  Now, the Democratic National Convention may soon be coming to Philadelphia, but i am sure that the question that was just asked of me was not really a part of the democratic process and my response was going to be completely irrelevant, especially since i could not answer the question anyway with a ball gag in my mouth, which was probably part of Her plan.  Needless to say, the rest of the dildo was pushed all the way into Her fuck hole.  Mistress Tissa put the finishing touches on me by placing a black latex glove on Her hand, collecting all of the precum from my penis and smearing it all over my face and into my mouth.  Naturally, i had no vote in that decision either.

The assault on my ass and the smearing of precum on my face ended and i was instructed to climb out of the cage and stand in the center of the room on a large pad that was placed on the floor below me.  I was then told by Mistress Tissa that i would be allowed to give Her an offering on this day.  So, i began to stroke.  My thinking at that point was that my session would end with a pleasant and rewarding climax.  Wrong!  As i was stroking myself Mistress Tissa decided to have more fun with me.  She began with more lashes on my ass with Her “single tail whip.”  Then it was time to use Her beautiful and intimidating heels.  Mistress Tissa raised her foot and pushed the toes of Her high heels into my cock and balls, just enough to cause a small amount of discomfort and a large amount of fear. Those spikes are sharp, really sharp!    i then convinced myself that i better have an orgasm soon or this could get really bad for me.  So i tried to speed up my stroking until i was ready and then i asked permission of Mistress Tissa.  May i please cum, Mistress Tissa?  And, her response, “no, take your hand away.”  This took place several times, which allowed Mistress Tissa more time to torment me by whipping my ass and pushing the stud spikes on Her heels into my balls and cock.  i asked permission a third or fourth time (i lost count) and finally Mistress allowed me to cum.  Thank you Mistress!  Lick it up, were the next words Mistress Tissa said to me, i immediately got down on my knees and started licking, making sure that i did not miss a single drop.


O/our session ended with me kneeling at the feet of Mistress Tissa and Her praising me for “serving Her well and for taking the pain for Her.”  i love being told by Mistress Tissa that i served Her well.  Before climbing to my feet and preparing to leave Her Temenos, i stole one more glance at Her “dangerously hot heels.”  It was a good day for me!  Mahalo Mistress Tissa!

slave m: tied and tickled

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Independence Day as “a holiday celebrating the anniversary of a country’s independence from another country.”  Mistress Tissa’s definition of Independence Day is quite different.  Mistress Tissa’s idea of Independence Day is for Her submissives to “celebrate their independence by giving it up.”  And that is exactly what i did during our most recent session.  When Mistress Tissa demanded that i give up my independence during a two hour session which included some very heavy bondage, i fully complied.  Anyone who has read my previous writings should have come to the obvious conclusion that i always give up “my independence” to Mistress Tissa during a session, by following each of Her commands with the utmost respect and reverence.  i never question Mistress Tissa.  i follow Her directives without hesitation and i do everything in my power to please Mistress Tissa at the highest level possible.  Mistress Tissa is a perfectionist and therefore deserves a slave who strives for perfection while serving Her and that is always my goal.  Needless to say, giving up my independence to Mistress Tissa takes place every time i session with Her, not just around the 4th of July.  So, how was this session different than the others that i have had with Mistress Tissa?  This is the first session that i had with Mistress Tissa where She used what i would call heavy bondage on me.  i have been tied up by Mistress Tissa before, but never quite like this.

After being instructed to lie on my back looking up at the ceiling, Mistress Tissa began the long process of heavy bondage on me.  First there were the ropes that She looped several times over my upper arms and then secured to Her bondage table.  Then there were the ropes that were looped several times around my wrists and again secured to the bondage table.  Like my arms, my legs were secured pretty much the same way with ropes being looped around each leg and then secured to the table.  Following the ropes, Mistress Tissa used straps that were stretched tightly over me and then secured to the sides of the table.  Even though it was almost impossible to move anything but my head slightly and my toes and fingers, Mistress Tissa was not yet done.  Chains were next.  i could hear the rattle of chains as they were also used to tighten the hold on me and to now make it that much more difficult to move.  i started to wonder if Mistress pulled the chains much tighter would i be able to stand the fact that some of my muscles were starting to tighten up from lack of movement.  At that point i convinced myself that i would take the pain She administered and that my safe word would not be used on this day.


At one point when Mistress walked away from me i tried to lift my head to take a peek at my predicament, but was unable to lift my head at all.  The reason was that Mistress Tissa had placed a different collar around my neck which was much wider than the collar that i wore during most of my sessions.  She referred to it as a posture collar.  It keeps your head up high and straight and prevents you from looking down at the ground.

During the period of time where Mistress Tissa was applying the bondage to me, we spoke with each other more than i can ever remember during any other session.  Actually i should correct that statement.  Mistress Tissa allowed me to speak more than i have in the past.  During most of O/our sessions i remain reasonably quiet focusing on serving Mistress Tissa and listening to her every command as to not make any mistakes.  i mostly speak only when Mistress Tissa directs questions at me and then i always give Her honest and accurate answers.  i am not sure if Mistress Tissa grew tired of our dialogue, but at one point She walked around the table stopping at the end of the table where my head was located.  She then asked me a question that appeared to come completely out of nowhere.  “Have you ever sucked a real cock?”  i gave Her my honest and accurate one word answer.  i am not sure if my answer had any bearing on what happened next, because Mistress Tissa then proceeded to shove a rubber dildo gag into my mouth and half way down my throat.  Needless to say our conversation ended, at least from my end.

Once i was completely secured to the table with the ropes, straps and chains, and I almost forgot, the rubber dildo, Mistress Tissa uttered the words, “What’s next?”  What was next was a little CBT performed by Mistress Tissa.  Mistress Tissa used some type of vibrating tool all over my cock and balls which at times caused discomfort, but at other times felt somewhat soothing.  It was actually quite tolerable.  What was not tolerable was what followed right after Mistress Tissa again uttered, “what’s next?”  What was next for me was complete torture.  Mistress Tissa began tickling me all over my feet, sides, legs and any spot She could find that would make me struggle in agony.  Honestly, i hate being tickled, which did not seem to bother Mistress Tissa, or curtail Her assault on me.  This form of torture went on for a very long period of time, or so it seemed, all the while Mistress Tissa had a devilish smile on Her face.  It was quite obvious to me that Mistress Tissa was enjoying my agony.


Finally, thankfully, Mistress Tissa decided to stop.  She then unstrapped me from the table and instructed me to kneel at my place in front of Her chair.   This may be my single favorite spot in Her Temenos.  In front of Her chair, kneeling at Her feet looking up at a true Goddess.  At that very moment, the 90 minutes of extreme bondage and the tickle torture all seemed worth it, i was where i wanted to be, listening to Mistress Tissa saying the words i love to hear, “slave m, you served Me well today.”

Before closing, i would like to expand on what Independence Day means to me as it relates to serving Mistress Tissa.  I recently attended a Broadway play where the line was used, “independence is full of many contradictions.”  There are no contradictions with Mistress Tissa.  What you see is what you get.  For me, what i see is a truly beautiful, intelligent and talented woman.  What i get is an amazing opportunity to serve an incredibly powerful and demanding dominatrix, exactly the way She wants and deserves to be served.  Thank You Mistress Tissa, for allowing me the opportunity to give up my independence to You.

slave m’s service

Dear Mistress Tissa:

Let me begin by thanking You for allowing me to serve you again during O/our most recent session.  i have been serving You as Your “slave m” for over a year now and i can honestly say that every session with You have been equally exciting and rewarding.  You are an amazing person in every way possible.  When O/our sessions begin and You instruct me to kneel at Your feet in front of You and explain why i have come to serve You, i always do my best to put into words my purpose for the day.  But in reality Mistress, i am always thinking to myself that i hope i am able to do everything You ask of me on this day, and most of all i hope that i am able to please You.  My singular purpose in coming to see You is always to do whatever You ask of me.  i want so much to please You, Mistress Tissa.

i am not sure how many times i have come to serve You over the past year, but i do know that every session has been different and unique in their own way.  i have come to expect the unexpected and it is one of the things i truly enjoy, the uniqueness of O/our sessions and the surprises that You always have in store for me.  But, i must admit that i also enjoy the fact that O/our sessions always begin with the same basic procedures.  i kneel at Your feet explaining to You why i have come to serve You.  i love kneeling in front of You and pledging myself to You.  You then place a collar around my neck, reminding me that I belong to You.  Although, i really do not need that reminder, as i know that i am Yours to do with as You please as soon as i walk into Your Temenos.  Although, it is always a pleasant reminder to me that when You place the collar around my neck it signifies first, that i belong to You and second, that i am about to begin two hours of absolute bliss!  At some point in this process, You always remove your red robe and allow me the privilege of seeing what You are wearing.  i have never made a request of You as to what You might wear during a session, as i know better than to ever give input as to what You might wear.  But, it is a treat for me when You decide to wear something that i had gifted to You during one of O/our sessions.  I had gifted to You an amazing latex bra and pants, which You decided to wear during O/our session.  i am not going to try to put into words how stunning You looked in Your latex pants and bra, i can’t, and actually no one could.  As i am writing this letter to You, my first thought is maybe You will post a picture of how You looked on that day so i can see You again.  But the truth is that it doesn’t matter, as I am sure i will not forget how incredible You looked, since it is now in my memory forever!

You then handed me a spray bottle and several paper towels and told me to polish Your latex outfit.  i was to spray this on your latex pants and bra and rub it into the latex, trying to bring it to the brightest shine possible.  Did i just write those words?  Were You really going to allow me to touch You?  You did, and i am still in disbelief.  During my last session with You, i was given the incredible privilege of washing Your feet, which still amazes me to this day that You allowed me that honor.  During this session You informed me that i was going to be permitted to rub the polish on the latex outfit You were wearing.

And so i began.  I sprayed small amounts of the silicone onto Your legs and began to rub the polish into the latex pants.  Besides the obvious joy i was getting from being permitted to touch You, it was extremely important to me that i did the best job possible shining your latex  up to your very high standards. As always, i was determined as ever to please You.


i have worked very hard over the last year during our sessions to please You by doing everything that You have asked of me.  Maybe You were allowing me this honor as a reward for my complete and total devotion to You.  Or, maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part.  It really doesn’t matter either way, as You were allowing me the incredible honor of polishing Your latex outfit, and i thought i had just entered the gates of heaven.  It was extremely important to me that i did the best job possible.  When i completed the task of shining Your latex, You inspected my work in the mirror and gave me approval for a job well done.  Inside i was glowing with a sense of pride that i had pleased You.

After toying with me for a while, which included engorging my penis and nipples with a suction pump…


…You prepared me for what would be the culmination of O/Our session.  You were going to again “make me Your bitch.”  But, before doing so, You carefully prepared me for what was to come.  You tied me up using various ropes so that i was completely immobilized.  First my upper body was tied up with my arms at my sides.  Mistress Tissa, i have said this to You before, You are a master at the art of domination.  The creative way You tied me up with the rope is rather hard to describe, but completed in a truly professional manner.  It is obvious to me that You take great care in learning Your craft and i am thankful that when i session with You, i am at the total mercy of a true master.  You are a brilliant dominatrix with skills beyond belief!  Next You had me kneel on the floor and place my head (face down) on a padded bench as You began to tie up my legs.  You had me bend my knees and bring my feet up as close to my ass as possible.  You then tied up my legs by wrapping the rope around my thighs and calves.  At the beginning, when the rope slipped off of my leg and fell to the floor, truthfully i thought what You were doing was not going to work and You might give up and try some other method of restraining me.  But, then i remembered that you probably rarely fail at anything and soon enough the rope was successfully tied in place and i was ready for You do to whatever You wanted with me.  i was prepared to “be Your bitch.”


Although You were out of my sight and i could not move, i guessed that You were strapping on Your dildo and preparing to dominate me in a most powerful way.  Next you placed my head in a harness so that i kept my head up and placed a large mirror directly in front of me.  By keeping my head up and looking directly into the mirror, i believe You were trying to deliver a clear message to me.  Actually the message could not have been clearer.  “slave m, You are going to watch me fuck You in your ass and You are not going to take your eyes off of me while i make You my bitch.”  Just to reiterate Your point, you had me repeat my mantra while i was getting fucked.  You required me to say things like, “i am Your bitch, “You own my fuck hole’” and more.  i repeat those phrases to You gladly and with reverence because i know they are true.  At one point of “Your ride’” You grabbed a hold of the rope handle You had created on my back and rode me like a jockey would ride a horse.  While doing so You slapped my ass several times.  Actually this created an odd sensation for me as i felt as though i was being cantered like a horse.  I can only hope that i gave You a good ride.

Mistress Tissa, it almost goes without saying that i am truly honored to be able to serve You and to be Your slave m.  During O/our sessions, i will always do whatever You ask of me and try to please You in every way possible.  I look forward with great anticipation to serving You again!


slave m

slave m’s privilege

It has been several days since my last session with Mistress Tissa and i am still in disbelief as to what took place during that session.  Mistress Tissa allowed me to do something that i never in my wildest imagination would have thought could possibly take place during one of O/our sessions.  But it did and i still can’t believe it happened.  i will share more on that later.

When O/our most recent session began, the first and most noticeable change, besides the physical changes to Her Temenos, was the way Mistress Tissa was dressed.  She was wearing a white, long flowing gown that reminded me of something a Roman Goddess would wear.  It was beautiful to say the least!  There are no words to describe how Mistress Tissa looked in the gown She was wearing, so i won’t try.  Maybe Mistress Tissa will post a picture of Her wearing the gown in Her Blog so that I can see it again, although i am not sure it matters since i cannot get the picture of Her or the events of O/our last session out of my mind.  Another change was that Mistress Tissa told me to call Her “Goddess” during this session, in place of “Mistress.”   But, making the transition to calling Her Goddess during O/our session was easy, since that is exactly what She looked like for the next two hours.

Early in O/our session Goddess Tissa reminded me that i had written to Her to schedule a session during the previous week, but that i did not follow through with my plan.  i would be “punished” for failing to follow through on that request.  The punishment to say the least was extremely intense.  First, She sat me in Her bondage chair, strapped my arms and legs to the chair, blind folded me and placed two TENS unit pads on each of my arms.  i knew what would soon be coming was going to be extremely painful.  i also knew that the one and only time i had to utter my safe word during a session with Goddess Tissa was when She used the TENS unit on me.  Was i going to get through the next ten minutes without begging Goddess Tissa for relief?  Honestly, i never like to use the safe word with Goddess Tissa.  i am not sure why.   i guess in my own mind i have failed Her in some way when i use my safe word.   i do not know what level Goddess Tissa turned the TENS unit up to but i do know that it hurt like hell!  i still remember that my body shook each and every time She sent electric jolts through my arms flowing through the rest of me.  After our “electro play” was finished, Goddess Tissa told me to climb up onto a padded bench.  She then connected each side of the neck collar i was wearing to a chain which She then hooked into the ceiling.  My arms were also locked in place and i was now fully prepared (by Goddess Tissa) for what was to come next.  i would be subjected to a beating on my ass and thighs which would be one of the most painfully intense beatings that i would ever have to endure at the mercy (or lack thereof) of Goddess Tissa.   Goddess Tissa laid out six to eight different types of whips, all of which would be used on me.  Since everything Goddess Tissa does during a session has a very distinct purpose, i am sure that the whips being laid out directly in front of me in full view were serving a very real purpose.

Goddess Tissa has whipped me on numerous occasions during our sessions, but this time would be very unique.  Before securing me in place, Goddess Tissa told me to “put my glasses on.”  The only other time i wore glasses during a session was during our previous session when i baked a cake to celebrate my one year anniversary of serving Goddess Tissa.  But, it was quite obvious to me that judging by the way Goddess Tissa had secured me in place on my knees in front of Her, that “baking a cake” would not be on that day’s schedule.  W/we would be trading spatulas and measuring bowls in for whips and chains.  So why would i be wearing glasses?  Goddess Tissa placed a book in my hand, called “Shakespeare’s Sonnets.”  She then instructed me to turn to a specify page and prepare to read one of the sonnets.  What took place next went something like this.  i would read a line, “Being your slave what should I do but tend,” which would be followed by numerous blows with a whip on my ass and the backs of my things.  Another line, “Upon the hours, and times of your desire,” followed by my ass being abused again.  Another line, “I have no precious time at all to spend;” more blows to follow.  And again, “Nor services to do till you require.”  Guess what followed next?  I am not sure how many times i read the entire sonnet, 14 lines in all, but i do know that Goddess Tissa went through every one of Her whips, some more than once.  In fact, if i had to guess the higher number as to words in the sonnet, 120 words in all, or blows to my ass, judging by the way my ass felt for hours, i am going with the latter.


Finally the beating ended.  Prior to my reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Goddess Tissa asked me if i liked reading Shakespeare, my answer was that i am not a big fan of his works.  i remember being back in school and reading Shakespeare and how painful it was to read at that time.  i was right, reading Shakespeare is still very painful!

Goddess Tissa then unhooked me from the ceiling, sat in Her chair and told me to place a bath towel (folded over once) at Her bare feet.  She then told me to gather up a metal bowel from the other side of the room, which had a bar of soap and a small washcloth in it, and to also place it at Her feet.  Following Her directions, i filled the metal bowel with warm water and placed it next to Her feet.    Next, i was to bring a small plate to Her and place it on the table next to where She was sitting.  The plate contained several strawberries and what appeared to be a small piece of chocolate.  “Kneel at my feet,” came next.  At that point it seemed logical that there could only be one possible command that would follow and i was hoping that i would hear the words that never seemed even remotely possible.  I closed my eyes and waited.  “Wash My feet.”   Goddess Tissa placed Her beautifully slender feet in the warm water and allowed me to begin washing them with my bare hands.  For the next 15 to 20 minutes i washed each foot as gently as i possibly could, loving every second of completing this amazing task for Goddess Tissa.


At one point Goddess Tissa stated, “I do not usually allow people to wash My feet.”  Was this really happening?  She was now allowing me the privilege (and honor) that only few are chosen to complete.  I was simultaneously washing and massaging the feet of the most amazing Goddess on earth!  It was an absolutely incredible experience to say the least.

After thoroughly washing both of Her feet, i gently removed Her feet from the water, placed them on the bath towel and padded them dry with the washcloth.  “Smell my feet,” came next.  I breathed in the intoxicating scent of Goddess Tissa’s feet.  “Kiss my feet.”  Again, is this really happening?  Really?  “Kiss my feet again, and again.”  “Keep kissing them.”  It was happening.  i was kneeling at the feet of Goddess Tissa, kissing Her feet over and over again.  i kissed the tops of her feet, her toes, the tips of her toes and the bottoms of her feet, over and over again.  She allowed me to continue to kiss Her feet more times than i could have ever imagined possible.  Unbelievable is this best word to describe the experience.  But, it really did happen.  i am not sure if Goddess Tissa will ever allow me to earn this privilege again, but if She does not, at least i experienced it once, and i will never forget the time i was allowed to wash and then kiss the feet of Goddess Tissa.

Next, Goddess Tissa instructed me to lie on the floor in front of Her chair.  She then proceeded to rub her (very clean) feet all over my body.  At one point She even placed her toes in my mouth, which i gently kissed.  Never in my wildest imagination would i have thought that this session would continue this way.  More amazing privileges would soon follow when Goddess Tissa stood up out of Her chair, came over to me and continued rubbing her feet on my face.  I closed my eyes in ecstasy.


Goddess Tissa then sat on my chest looking down at me.  She tilted Her head forward letting Her hair fall onto my face.  I asked myself again, was this really happening or would i soon be waking up?

Goddess Tissa then stood up and walked away from me to another part of the room.  I was then given the clear instruction to “rub my penis.”  There was one major problem, i could not reach it.  Earlier, Goddess Tissa had hooked both of my wrists to the collar around my neck.  So to put it bluntly, it was absolutely impossible for me to reach my penis, but there was no way that i was not going to try.  So, i shifted my collar slightly so that my right hand was in front of me and my left hand behind me, lifted my knees as high as i could to my chest and tried in vain to reach myself.  Several times i was able to slightly touch myself.  Needless to say, Goddess Tissa appeared to be amused with my predicament and laughed at me several times.  Finally i was permitted to stop entertaining Her and i was told to assume my kneeling position at Her (still very clean feet).  For the last part of our session, Goddess Tissa instructed me to give Her an offering in a glass chalice that She had placed on the floor in front of me.  Eventually i worked myself to an orgasm (of course i asked permission first).  Most of my semen ended up on my right hand, which Goddess Tissa ordered me to “lick clean.”   i did as i was told, but truth be told, that is not one of my favorite things to do during a session.  But, being slave m to a stunning, powerful and demanding Goddess on Earth is a privilege that i will never take for granted.  And, if Goddess Tissa orders me to “lick myself clean” during every future session with Her, i will do exactly what i am told, without ever questioning Her in any way.  Thank you Goddess Tissa for allowing me to serve You the way You deserve to be served!

slave m served Me very well this day! In addition, he brought Me this wonderful bottle of wine: