You want to make me happy, don’t you?

Some of you say you want to “serve” but I’ve seen little to no evidence of this.

Service has its rewards. To find out you have to actually offer some kind of service, not talk endlessly about it and expect a miracle.

Talk is cheap, action is hot.

Some things:

Imagine how good you will feel doing so — and you’ll be the cause of the big smile on my face!

Sissy slut

Would you be proud to wear my collar and be my sweet, sexy sissy slut?

Before you answer, you must know: to be my sissy is not a form of humiliation. you will not be not lesser, you will be greater. you can be sweet for me or sexy or slutty but never a joke. My sissies are not objects of derision but my treasured girls.

Domestic slave at work in My dungeon