New to Temenos: Straitjacket

Trying to run a professional dungeon and respect my “Consensual Cruelty” ethic can be challenging. It’s difficult to get high-quality gear that is not made of cow skin — but not impossible. (They’re making impressive advances in faux leather. Some feels like the real thing.)

I saw this straitjacket and decided to give it a try:

(this is the back of the jacket)

It has a nice weight. Not as heavy as leather, but satisfying. The leatherette is the soft, supple, buttery kind, so it feels very nice. And it’s lined, so that’s a plus.

It seems to be able to accommodate a 42″ chest/36″ waist/~20″ biceps and still close it. The straps allow to expand out beyond that, so I can probably fit someone larger.

Looking forward to trying this out with some of you…

Domestic slave at work in My dungeon

New to Temenos: CBT/Chastity device

I’ve had my eye on this device for a while.

It’s stainless steel (which I love) and says it can be used for chastity. I’m not sure how that actually would execute for long term wear, but it could be hot. My interest was in using it as a CBT device.

Looking forward to experimenting with it…

New To Temenos: Bondage Chair With Shackles

My other chair was broken, so I needed a replacement. slave john was kind enough to gift me the funds for me to get one for my birthday.

I have been looking for the “perfect” chair for a while, but it doesn’t seem to exist.

Until I commission someone to make the one in my head, I chose this one:


It’s been on my wishlist for years ——— but no more!

While I typically prefer wood, because I prefer the way it looks and feels, metal certainly has its advantages.

I really like the shackles and removable seat cushions:


Mmm, the possibilities… I’m going to have a lot of fun putting you sluts in my new chair!

Thank you, slave john!!


New To Temenos: More CBT Devices

Monkey Dick told me he had his eye on a CBT device and proposed that he send me the money to get it for our sessions. I said yes. While he was at it, he sent extra for me to get something else I wanted. I decided to buy more things for CBT (one of my favorite activities).

I chose more stainless steel because I find stainless steel incredibly sexy.

(It’s also able to be sterilized so you don’t catch any nasties.)


Clockwise from left:

  • a parachute (I need a replacement), which came with a cute little bucket that I can put things in and laugh as your balls get pulled lower and lower
  • a ball stretcher with spiked press
  • a ball sheath with spiked interior
  • a two-row Kali’s teeth (I have 2 different four-row varieties so I thought this would be a nice addition to my collection)
  • a cock ring with an o-ring

This is what lies below in the stretcher:


I can stretch you out and then raise up those spikes if I don’t like how you’re behaving. Or just because I love to impale your nuts.

Thank you, Monkey Dick! I look forward to fucking you up in the near future!




Did you know that I have my own private dungeon, Temenos?


It is easily accessible and located in a safe neighborhood in the city of Philadelphia.


It is intimate, sensual, and well equipped.


Included are:

St Andrew’s Cross
Padded Seven-Foot Bondage Table and Cage
Padded Corporal Bench
Padded Adjustable Bondage Chair
Latex Vacbed
Full-Sized Velvet Couch
Antique Throne
Clips & Clamps
Genitorture Devices
Suction Devices
Femme Wardrobe (limited) & Makeup

For more detail, please go to Temenos.

What’s that you say? You haven’t yet experienced a scene with me in my Temenos? Then you really should come for a visit…

New to Temenos: Assortment of Items from Heresy

I placed an order with Claire of SoCal-based Heresy last week and it arrived today:


Two twin beaters, two small vinyl whips, and two loop beaters.

I wanted more smaller items for genital play and other instances in which I want a smaller area of impact or I’m in close proximity to my victi–I mean, play partner.

I’ve ordered from Claire before and have always been really happy with everything. Claire has fantastic attention to detail, a steal for what you’re getting, and is very professional to deal with. Highly recommended!