Just Arrived: Nut Suspension

Your nuts go in each of the little compartments and then those screws can be turned in to torture you and entertain me.

Here’s what they look like inside:

New to Temenos: Fucking Machine

From a gentle slide to a satisfying thrust to a solid fuck to a cathartic pounding.

From very small dicks to very large ones.

As a voyeur, I’d love to watch…

New to Temenos: Straitjacket

Trying to run a professional dungeon and respect my “Consensual Cruelty” ethic can be challenging. It’s difficult to get high-quality gear that is not made of cow skin — but not impossible. (They’re making impressive advances in faux leather. Some feels like the real thing.)

I saw this straitjacket and decided to give it a try:

(this is the back of the jacket)

It has a nice weight. Not as heavy as leather, but satisfying. The leatherette is the soft, supple, buttery kind, so it feels very nice. And it’s lined, so that’s a plus.

It seems to be able to accommodate a 42″ chest/36″ waist/~20″ biceps and still close it. The straps allow to expand out beyond that, so I can probably fit someone larger.

Looking forward to trying this out with some of you…

Domestic slave at work in My dungeon

New to Temenos: CBT/Chastity device

I’ve had my eye on this device for a while.

It’s stainless steel (which I love) and says it can be used for chastity. I’m not sure how that actually would execute for long term wear, but it could be hot. My interest was in using it as a CBT device.

Looking forward to experimenting with it…