An Opportunity to Help

I had my Twitter account suspended a little over a month ago. If you have been reading my blog you will know that.

If you did not see it, the issue was that I was told I violated their terms of service about making “violent threats” with this tweet:

I had someone ask about the tweet I was replying to. Here it is:

You will notice that “AP Fact Check” claimed people were “misrepresenting” the IRS job posting. All we were doing was responding to what was posted on their website. Here is a screenshot:

At the time I made the comment, it was a trending topic, with over 10,000 tweets. Clearly, I was not the only one who was alarmed by this job posting.

I think it’s likely I was flagged and suspended by a bot for the words “shoot you”, which out of context sound like a violent threat.

I have sent two appeals to reinstate my account. The first, sent on the day it happened, August 19th, appears to have been ignored as I never received any reply. The second, sent on September 13th, received a reply stating that they had “reviewed” my tweet and stood by their decision. That’s right, folx: that tweet above is me, an apparent employee of the IRS, actually threatening people with violence. (end sarcasm)

I replied to this email from Twitter explaining that I was using satire. And that the meaning of satire is to point out human folly, so the meaning is often the opposite of what is stated. In other words: I wasn’t making a violent threat, I was mocking one.

Over the past 5 weeks, I have asked for help from my subs and community to help me get my account reinstated and only ONE PERSON has indicated they have helped me. Today, he shared with me this tweet:

As you can see, he tweeted to @TwitterSupport and asked them to review the situation. And they replied that they will.

I would appreciate if more of you could do the same but IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Please DO NOT COPY Geeky Sub 70 above. If you type out the same tweet or even copy a sentence they may think this is a bot campaign and ALL the help I get will be written off. Also, he got it a little wrong. I wasn’t quoting IRS job requirements as much as I was mocking their implied violence.

Your help is valuable to me because the more people they hear from, they more chance I have at getting my account back.

For those who are on Twitter but don’t know how to do this, I can explain:

  1. Log into your account and find the blue circle icon with a pen in it. You should be able to see it when you’re looking at your profile or your feed, and it should be on the left-hand side. You’ll know it’s the correct button when you click it and a blank window pops up asking you to write something.
  2. Type out a message and tag Twitter Support AND me in it. To tag someone you simply include their account name, which is always preceded by the at (@) symbol. In this case it’s @TwitterSupport and @MistressTissa, respectively. Including the name of the account(s) in your tweet will ensure those accounts are notified when you post your tweet. (Note: unlike a direct message, or DM, the tweet will be public.)
  3. Explain what happened: I was flagged as having violated their terms of service (TOS) which I did not actually do. I was told I made violent threats when what I did was use satire/was being satirical/was mocking violence/however you want to word it, and then ask them to please reinstate my account the way it was before I was suspended in error, with all my followers, tweets, etc. You can also include your personal feelings on me and my tweets, such as appreciating my years of educational information, helping people avoid scammers, that you think I’m neat and miss me on Twitter, whatever. Please be polite and include a “thank you”. Being rude will not help me.
  4. Click send. The people who are maintaining the Twitter Support account will be notified because you tagged them in your tweet. I would have been notified, too, but because my account is suspended I will not. Still, Twitter Support needs to know what account you’re talking about, which is why you need to tag me.

You can comment here to let me know you have sent a tweet. Or, if you have my email, you can send me a message as well. If you attach a screenshot that is terrific.

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

Twitter Status

Twitter suspended my account a month ago because they do not understand the use of satire and said I was threatening violence.

I sent an appeal, which was ignored. Then consulted with an attorney at the ACLU, who said that I was clearly using satire and not threatening anyone, and sent another. They replied and continued to assert I threatened violence.

I think there’s some 20 year old kid reviewing these cases who doesn’t understand the purpose of satire is usually the opposite of what is written.

Or it someone who feels powerless in their life and this is how they feel powerful.

Whatever the reason it’s pretty upsetting. That was almost 8 years of work. 8 years, people. It was also my primary source of social and business networking. And, as reluctant as I am to say, my favorite social media platform. And someone who doesn’t understand how to read what I wrote, accused me of something I didn’t do, and took away my account because of it.

Twitter has been sued for this type of thing before. It is not beyond me to look into filing a lawsuit against them.

My Twitter is currently locked

I keep getting thrown in “jail”. There are different types of Twit jails, from brief detainment to solitary confinement.

I’m in the step below prison, I think.

People can see my tweets and some people can follow, but I’m missing from search results, and likely also when searching tags. What this means is that I get really poor engagement with my content and the teeny tiny-ist trickle of new followers…which is fewer than the number I end up losing in this type of jail. In other words: I never get anywhere. I’m always going to be at a net loss.

I was in this same place from March of 2020 to March of 2021. I would sometimes get a few followers but then would lose twice as much, in the same 24-or-so-hour period. The end result over the course of the year was my losing hundreds of followers I had worked to get.

But, Mistress, aren’t they just unfollowing you, as people do? Some probably are, but my experience, which I have personally verified has happened to others, and I’ve read others write about happening to them, is that it seems Twit forces people to “unfollow” you. They just somehow, for some reason, disconnect you from people in your network. Maybe you have seen a Domme mention her confusion or astonishment that she KNOWS she was following these other Dommes but now she’s not?? It’s a thing that happens and we don’t absolutely know why. Maybe, at best, this is just how the algorithm is programmed to reduce the reach of “spammers” and “bots” based on those accounts engaging in the same “red flag” behaviors; or, at worst, maybe it’s a deliberate attempt to break up social networks they don’t like as part of a censorship campaign. It would certainly be plausible for us adult workers/providers/entertainers/content creators so often under fire, especially in this post-FOSTA/SESTA world.

Why are followers important, Mistress? Ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, they are not. But with anyone who is trying to grow their livelihood, being censored because someone doesn’t like you for some reason, like because you talk about icky ICKY SEX and OMGSUPERGROSS KINKY SEX, is obviously not conducive to that. And if I’m going to be censored and not allowed to grow why the fuck am I creating content for the platform? Especially when I’m not getting paid for it? I’d rather spend the time on my blog. At least I know that there I can’t possibly randomly get “suspended” as so many Dommes and other adult workers have had happen to them.

So, in an effort to see if I can get myself out, I spent some time “cleaning” up a few things that I’ve read can hurt you, like flagged content, which seems to be happening to me more often these days. I even had the tweets of my mentioning I’m in jail and asking for help be flagged as “sensitive content”, which means they won’t show up on some people’s feed. That’s right: your discussion of censorship will be censored.

I’ve also read that hashtags and links, and using the same ones repeatedly and often, can get you shoved into their algorithm.

I’ve also considered that someone who is a miserable prick is just reporting my tweets for fun/spite and that is also getting me pulled in automatically. The lock might help that.

I’m going to wait and observe my account over the next several days. I’m hoping these actions might pull me out. If not, I’m going to contact Twit and see if they can manually fix the problem. I’m really losing patience at this point.

I will unlock it at some point in the future.

If you are not following me and wish to follow you can send a request. If your account is locked I will decline.

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Locked out of Twitter

Just a heads up that Twitter has locked me out of my account.

This is the email I received from them:

That’s right: I said that I believed that someone who was making misogynistic comments was really a guy and *I* was the one considered engaging in”hateful conduct” by their TOS staff.

If calling someone a man is hateful, then they must have a low opinion of men. LOL!

Anyway, they obviously didn’t look or didn’t care that this person, and other people in the thread, were making a bunch of misogynistic comments.

Of course I contacted them to appeal their decision. Here’s what I got back:

The person reviewing my appeal was likely a man who sided with “kbloz”.

This is really no surprise. People who are on the receiving end of harassment and discrimination — individual or institutional — are always the ones who are ultimately punished for speaking out about it.

Now, Twitter wants me to log on and delete the tweet or something. But I can’t log on without giving them my cell phone number.

So, now I have to figure out how one does this without using a cell phone.

Until that happens, I’m in Twitter jail.

I’ll be posting here instead.

(In case anyone who follows me on Twitter wonders why I post links to my blog instead of uploading the content to their platform, this is one reason why. If I’m ever suspended because some breauflake doesn’t like my comment, all my work will be lost. At least if it’s in my blog, I still have it.)

UPDATE (3/5/20 7:50pm): I have been told the subsequent tweet I made to this troll is another violation!

Make sure you never say that you believe someone is a man posing as a woman in an attempt to justify and normalize their misogyny. This is hateful conduct. Much worse than the misogyny itself.

UPDATE 2 (3/5/20 10pm): Their support staff was VERY quick to tell me that they denied my appeal, but still hasn’t answered my request from hours ago asking for help with logging in without having the ability to receive an SMS in that process. Anyone want to estimate how long it will take? My guess: never.

UPDATE 3 (3/6/20 1pm): I have been released from jail.

SESTA and Social Media

Due to the looming possibility that SESTA will be signed into law, My Twitter account is primarily functioning as a place for activism. I am too disgusted with the current situation to want to freely share work that could be viewed as somehow “criminal” — especially if it might end up being taken down anyway.

If you’re not aware, SESTA is already impacting our online communities. Various sites have suspended accounts, removed content, and denied people access to their adult material. This is only the beginning if SESTA is not stopped.

There is a new social media platform called “Switter” (sex work + Twitter = Switter). It is powered by Mastodon.

It was created in anticipation of the effects of SESTA and that those of us in the adult entertainment industry will be the first to be censored; not only in ways which impair Our ability to connect and work safely with others, but also Our ability to simply express Ourselves.

I have joined and invite you to as well!

Do know that while it’s still figuring itself out, and the interface isn’t perfect, we won’t have to fear shadowbans, censorship, account suspension, and advertisements.

Join a rapidly growing community for people who enjoy the sexy life!

Change to Twitter

I’m no longer allowing locked accounts to follow me on Twitter.

My exceptions are those who are existing clients, friends, and select verifiable adult professionals.

Here’s why I did this:

When a person locks their account, all of their activity is hidden to everyone except those that they have allowed to follow them. While this can be useful if you want to shut out trolls, control your followers, and/or maintain privacy, it also creates a very one-sided relationship where you get to see everything I do, but I can’t see anything you do.

Contrary to what some people might think, your following me does not mean you’re granting me permission to see any of your activity; it just means you can see mine in your feed. So, if you like, retweet, or comment on any of my tweets, I have no idea. Likewise, if you’re doing something like stealing my or other people’s content, I can’t see that either.

tl;dr: locked accounts offer nothing to people who aren’t following them and also have the potential for shady activity. That’s a no-win for me, so that’s why you get blocked.

If you’re a person who was blocked and you want to follow me, you either need to have an unlocked account or send a $35 unblock gift in one of the following ways:

1. Erotifix* (Select “Twitter Unblock Fee”)
2. Etsy gift card to
3. eBay gift card to

Make sure you include your Twitter handle (e.g. @MistressTissa) in the message field, like this:


…and I’ll remove the block. You will have to manually follow Me again.

If you’re an existing client and you were blocked, you do not need to send a unblock gift. Just send Me an email with your handle.

*Erotifix supports international cards

Politics and FemDom

Since I was a child, I have been something of an activist. My main form of activism has been grassroots education. This means that I informally try to educate people. As in, I’m not actually a Teacher, but I try to teach. I (usually) don’t hold formal classrooms, I just “set-up shop” wherever.

One thing I tend to be concerned with is social issues and the politics around them. Some people don’t like to discuss politics. It makes them uncomfortable. I respect a person’s desire to bow out of things that make them uncomfortable, but I also like to ask people to think about how they are effected by such a decision.

One issue that occurs with education is that not everyone welcomes it. (*laugh*) It’s common that when you criticize some harmful idea that someone has, the person holding it will retaliate. (People who claim to not hold it sometimes retaliate, too.) Usually it’s in the form of verbal abuse, but also sometimes going so far as to make and carry out threats against you. Just because you’re talking about how something is shitty and hurts people in this world.

Recently, I had a new retaliation. Someone on Twitter said I was just “virtue signaling”. This means I like to grandstand My stance on something, post little pictures in support of things, but that I don’t actually do anything about them. Clearly, it’s meant to insult.

This was a first for Me. This person didn’t know Me well enough to make such a statement, and to know that I do more than just “talk” (not that talking can’t be valuable to an audience who remains in the dark), so it didn’t mean anything to Me, but it also showed how attempts to discuss things like sexism, homophobia, racism, transphobia,  etc, will attract misunderstanding.

Just before I began writing this, I was asked why I talk shit about men and that maybe I shouldn’t do that. This was obviously inspired by some of the things I’ve said on Twitter, where there is a literal sea of sexism waiting to drown you. (Actually, the sea is everywhere for women, if she doesn’t learn to keep her head up.) Twitter is actually a fantastic platform to share ideas (even if only 140 characters at a time). You can very quickly be “broadcasted” to millions of people. This can be helpful to get your ideas to a larger audience and have them think more critically about something, like sexism, for example.

So, do I hate men? Nothing is further from the truth.

First, I need to provide you with a basic keymap to My social commentary about this particular topic:

Men” = Patriarchal male. Note capital M to communicate that I’m talking about a particular kind of male.

Dude“, “Bro“, “Guys” = a subset of Patriarchal Men. Usually the types who are especially dumb, cocky, and like to mansplain.

men” = men without any cultural implications (e.g. their values, behavior). men are not inherently a problem.

There is a similar keymap for other topics I enjoy thinking about and discussing where I capitalize the culture and keep the people themselves lower case. Such as “White” and “white”. There is White culture, which actually contains many subcultures and practices which are not problematic but also some which are truly reprehensible, and there are also white people, who are not inherently anything. There are many other examples.

Anyway, this is a shorthand way of making a distinction between a human being and their culture. It’s not an original idea. You will see it used in other social-political critique/critical thinking/philosophy type places.

So, how do I feel about men? I’m pretty heavily into them. They’re nearly all of the people I play with (and therefore like). They’re nearly all of whom I have dated and partnered with in My life. Now, how do I feel about Men? Well, how do you think I feel about someone who believes themselves to be inherently superior to women? And who believes they should control how we think, feel, behave, dress, and reproduce? Just because they are men?

You may be wondering: do I ever criticize women? Absolutely. There are Patriarchal Women. I don’t like them either. However, because I’m a Dominant Women, My focus is on criticizing the majority of those who drive the Patriarchy (Men), a system which essentially loathes Women like Me. (I pretty heavily criticize Patriarchal Women in other spaces. Trust Me.)

Clearer now?

Also: When it comes to social/political commentary the rule of thumb is that if someone is saying something that does not apply to you personally, then they are talking about someone else.

Example: “Men need to stop trying to tell women that they can’t have abortions.”

If you see a statement like this, the first question to ask yourself is: Does this apply to you? Are you a man who believes that women should not be the ones who choose whether or not they must go through with a pregnancy? If you are one of those Men, then this person is talking about you. If you are not one of these Men, this person is not talking about you. Therefore, instead of becoming defensive, try to understand that you are not their intended audience and try to see the value in their perspective.

I feel that education is important work. As a Dominant Woman, the Patriarchy is of particular interest to Me. Since most of the people I play with express and explore very non-Patriarchal selves, it should be of interest to you, too. The Patriarchy is the very thing that causes men to feel shame about wanting to dress in “women’s” clothes, wanting to submit to a woman, wanting to be fucked in the ass, that being a “sensitive” and “caring” person makes you a “wimp” and “pussy” (note the misogyny in that word choice), and wanting to be touched and loved and accepted for who they really are.

So, when I criticize the Patriarchy, I’m actually not just doing it to liberate women, I’m doing it to liberate men, too.