Session Hours

Due to some things on my end, I need to change my hours. This may be temporary, so please don’t expect that it will last for any length of time. I may change it again next month, I don’t know. It will depend on how some things play out for me in the near future.

Effectively immediately my hours will be 12pm to 8pm. I will not be able to offer sessions past 8pm at this time — regardless of the length you are booking.

If you are already on my schedule for a time past 8pm I will honor that if you are unable to change the time.

If you have an extenuating circumstance where you would really like to have a scene with me and would have to go past 8pm, such as a three-hour that absolutely cannot begin any earlier than 6pm, I will see if there’s a way I can accommodate you, but please be ready to tribute extra for this.

“Site Membership”

Periodically I get a notification that someone has requested membership to my site.

I do not have a membership site at this time.

Then why can someone request one, you ask?

It has to do with the limitations of my web host. They don’t seem to want to offer their customers things web developers would like such as putting old pages in folders that are not accessible to the public, as people tend to like to do for archival purposes. Once you want to update or make a new page, we either have to (a) delete our work, or (b) keep it publicly accessible (i.e. the equivalent of the public_html folder).

Because I want keep all my old pages, I have to change the settings on each page so that people can’t actually see it or it could interfere with my currently published pages. The options we have to do this are limited, and none of them are good. One of them is to set the page to “members only”.

I’m not entirely sure how some of you are accessing these pages in order to get to the screen to be asked if you want to become a member. My guess is that you either have old ones bookmarked or possibly some search engine has old ones still indexed and is referring people to them.

Anyway, I’m sorry but your requests to join my membership site won’t result in anything — at this time, anyway.

I started working on a membership site but have still not figured out how I want to accept subscription payments for it yet. Nearly all payment processors explicitly exclude adult content from their terms of service, so it narrows you to a few less-than-ideal options from which I have yet to decide will result in the smallest headache.


As of today, my tribute has increased. I tend to be generous and have raised it little over the years, but this means I’m lagging behind the “standard” rate and the Dommes charging it, including new ones who don’t have my experience, (likely) skill & professionalism, dungeon, & testimonials. And that should not be the case.

Tribute Increase – Updated

Effective April 30, 2022 I will be increasing my tribute to 350/hr. This will also increase the rate of longer sessions, though I will continue to give a discount when you book multiple hours.

Existing clients that I have seen at least 4 times in the past year will be grandmothered until July 31. As of August 1, 2022, everyone will be at the new rate.

Update: Want to get a session at my old rate before my tribute increases but can’t schedule until a date after April 30? You have two options:

  1. Pre-pay 50% of a session by Tax Day, April 14th, and I will allow you until June 30, 2022 to schedule it.
  2. Pre-pay 100% of a session by Tax Day, April 14th, and I will allow you to until July 31st, 2022 to schedule it.

You can only pre-pay one session.

Send Me a Text!

Now you can text me via NiteFlirt!

Go to my page:

Then, the listing under “Mistress Tissa offers chat” click on “chat now”.

You pay 99 cents to send and my reply is free.

You can send a text any time you desire. I will reply as soon as I can. Those sent between 6pm and midnight EST are most likely receive a reply right away.

You can ask questions about BDSM/kink, receive counsel and support about BDSM/kink and relationships, we can discuss our day or hobbies, or you can just say hi. If you show yourself to be a good submissive, you may receive a task.

IMPORTANT: Do not use text for:

  • scheduling in-person sessions (this is against their TOS and can get us both banned)
  • cancelling in-person sessions (same as above)
  • for scenes or roleplay

Changes to COVID protocol

After much reading and consideration, I’m going to begin the slow phase out of the masking protocol. This decision is in part due to our governor, here in PA, announcing that our mask mandate will likely be modified or dropped in January.

For the time being, the option to remove your mask during our session will be offered to select clients. Specifically those with whom I’ve developed trusting relationships and still practice good safety measures around others. As a result, some types of play that have been in moratorium will be offered to these people:

  • hoods
  • gags
  • CEI & consumption

Activities which may be offered:

  • spit play
  • my putting my heels/boots or feet in your mouth
  • other instances in which your mouth is exposed

Still not offered yet:

  • vacbed
  • multi-person sessions (couples in the same household are exempt)
  • domestic fetish or service

If you would still prefer that you and/or I wear masks during our session indicate this when you request a scene. Also, if you would like to schedule your time to minimize possible exposure, let me know that, too. I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

As usual, if you feel ANY symptoms in the 2 weeks prior or after of time together, let me know.


Back in April I was sick. The symptoms started out like allergies but quickly turned into chills and a fever. I had a rapid COVID test and was told I was negative. Though I had this feeling it might not be accurate, I trusted what I was told about the test, provided informed consent to the few people I played with around that time, we continued to wear masks, and everything was fine.

After I felt better, I felt worse again. I continued to have a persistent dry cough and respiratory issues for 3-4 weeks. Nothing severe, but just enough to have me make a few changes to my schedule here and there.

I have since come to believe that I actually did have COVID. This is based on what I have learned about the test I had.

I recently learned that the FDA put out a warning that this test was giving a higher number of false negatives than estimated. In part, because those taking the nasal swabs were not doing the swab correctly. Either because they weren’t going deep enough or because they were putting the sample in a viral transport medium (solution) before putting them in the machine for analysis. This dilutes the sample to the point where you can get a false result. This is what happened to me.

I don’t know how I acquired the virus. I believe I acquired this from someone who was fully vaccinated. Since early February, I have been in contact with only one person without wearing a mask. With the few other people I’d been around at that time, I was always — with no exceptions — wearing at least one mask, but often two. No other explanation makes sense. Those who know me know I’ve been extremely careful since the pandemic began. and though I’ve been fine for over a month now, I wanted to mention this so that those who did session with me at the time have full disclosure in case you felt sick.

I’m still requiring masks for the time being. Not because I believe I had COVID and am worried I’m still infectious (I wouldn’t be at this point), but because whether you’ve received the vaccine or if you’ve been naturally inoculated, it’s a smart idea while we still have variants being passed around and we’re not fully out of this yet.

If you have any questions about this or if you felt ill between mid-April and mid-June, please let me know.

New to Temenos: Fucking Machine

From a gentle slide to a satisfying thrust to a solid fuck to a cathartic pounding.

From very small dicks to very large ones.

As a voyeur, I’d love to watch…

Update to COVID protocol

Effective immediately:

  • New clients’ required notice will be shortened from 4 days to 2 days. Existing clients’ will be shorted from 2 days to 1 day. Please note that this does not mean a longer notice is still not preferred and increases the chance you will be able to schedule your preferred time.
  • I’m shortening the time between sessions from 72 hours to 24 hours. I’m still only scheduling one person or couple per day.
  • I only require one mask instead of two.

Everything else remains the same.

Proof of vaccination will not change or exempt you from the other existing restrictions. However, it does allow those who were previously declined a session, due to risk factors in their behavior and environment, to now book.

If you have any questions, comment here. Or email me.