Policy Update and a Word About Safety and Vetting

Is it the full moon? Because I could swear that due to some people who have been contacting Me, and the other pro Dommes in Philly, that We’re in the midst of one.

As some may be aware, this profession isn’t without its share of shitbags of every flavor: people who waste your time, people who try to challenge you on your tribute or protocol, people who want to drag you into the drama of their personal life, and people who aren’t just assholes, but Potentially Dangerous Assholes (PDA). When it comes to people who are assholes, it can range from general belligerence all the way to more psychopathic behavior.

PDAs are a collection of people who tend to be aggressive, even threatening; compulsively lie; and lack any discernible empathy. They may also do things which are Creepy As Fuck, like harass or stalk. Those of you with knowledge of psychology may recognize that these characteristics overlap with some personality disorders. While some personality disorders are expressed in mild and not harmful ways, they also sometimes manifest in the form of a serial killer.

So, in the interest of keeping Myself and everyone in the professional circle safe, I am going to be reworking My vetting process.

For now, I am going to tighten the reigns a bit. The main concern is that We all want to make sure We’re not sessioning with people who are dangerous. Did you hear about the escort who killed a serial killer in self-defense? Well, I don’t want to be her, and I don’t want anyone else to be her. I really would like to practice My craft without having to deal with fending someone off and having to call the police. (By the way, if a person is thinking about attacking someone, a Dominatrix is a terrible choice. We are often very fucking fierce bitches and won’t think twice about using Our “toys” to permanently fuck them up in self-defense.)

Now, I still prefer a reference from an active, professional Dominant that you’ve sessioned with in the past year. If you haven’t sessioned in the past year, I require two. If it’s been a long time since you sessioned, and the Dommes you saw don’t remember you or are retired, I may ask for a good photo of your face; I may ask you to share a photo of a valid ID (always held in confidentiality); I may say someone else has to vet you; or I may decline to session with you altogether. Whatever the case, it will be My discretion and My call. If you are not comfortable with and do not understand the value of My interest in keeping EVERYONE safe — and what that says about Me and My integrity — then move along. Questioning safety procedures will make you look like a creep.

Dear Liars: If you provide a reference and I discover you haven’t actually sessioned with the person, you will be BLACKLISTED forĀ  LIFE. In the BDSM world, lying about a reference is My idea of a felony. You just don’t do that shit and think I’m going to want to even TALK to you.

As I think about this and how to make it simple, yet effective, I may change things. If the change is minor, I will only update it on My Protocol page.