The reality of what years of repetitive dungeon cleaning will do to you

CBT Afternoon

When he arrived, I pushed Monkey Dick into a chair and created a challenging situation for him:

As you can imagine, I had a lot of fun with this.

I laid him on his back and trapped his poor balls in my CBT table:

How hot is seeing his nuts sitting there on the table, as if being served up on a platter for me?

I gave him the honor of me in my sexy thigh-highs step on and grind his vulnerable balls:

Later, I brought out my new floggers and gave them a test run on his ass, thighs, cock, and balls:

A perfect way to spend an afternoon. Monkey Dick sent me this in an email and I think he agrees:

Thank you for another absolutely great session. Tying the spiked ball cage to my feet and then tickle my feet, very creative and sadistic. I loved it. Your new CBT trample table locks the balls in a very vulnerable position. I loved all the teasing and torturing … Your new black and red floggers are a real winner. They look great, make a significant slap sound on impact, and you are able to throw these floggers rapidly and accurately. With the cyclical flogging one hit blends into the next building to a crescendo. Great purchase and you use them very effectively! I hope to experience them again.

Just Arrived: Nut Suspension

Your nuts go in each of the little compartments and then those screws can be turned in to torture you and entertain me.

Here’s what they look like inside:

Another Tickling Beth

Ballbusting Teaser

Playing Footsie with beth

This is my style of footsie 😉

(There are two more in this “footsie” series. If I’m feeling generous I might post them.)

Spanking beth

Tickling Beth

Arabian Whip

Have you ever experienced an Arabian whip? I don’t see many use it, but it’s one of my faves.

Here I am using it on my sub:

Excuse the poor lighting. I was not set up for a shoot.

Fiber Optic Whip

beth gifted me one of the fiber optic whips from my wishlist months ago and I finally was able to use it in a session and take a short video (my sub was omitted from the frame for privacy.):

It’s different than most whips because it’s very lightweight, so you have to wield it differently. It’s also very long and I don’t have the clearance to use it in its entirety, so I just used the shorter part and let the longer ends dangle and be pretty. There are a lot of different color and pattern settings, so it makes even more fun to use.

This is a good whip for someone who wants the sensation of “lashes” but only very lightly.