This Weekend’s Gifts

I had sessions every day this weekend. Fun and fulfilling play with some of my favorites.

I got to delve deep into the psyche on Friday…

…test comfort zones (while laughing hysterically) on Saturday…

…and indulge in some satisfying genitorture on Sunday.

My play partners didn’t just bring the gift of themselves to play with, they brought these:



slave john gave a big bag of cat food and cash to support my efforts.

beth gave a bottle of wine, Amazon gift card, and another bag of cat food!

Amazing! I’m going to be set for a while!

Thank you for being such wonderful play partners! And so thoughtful and generous!


2 thoughts on “This Weekend’s Gifts”

  1. Thank YOU for putting so much time, energy and effort in to the incredible sessions You create. Your generosity of spirit is far greater than a few trinkets left as in inadequate show of gratitude for all that You do.

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