Venting, mostly about email hosts

A very frustrating couple of weeks for Me.

Lots of problems trying to migrate to a new email host. Would you believe I’m on My third? In only a two week period?

The first move was to the company who acts as the registrar for a couple of My domains. Everything seemed alright until, about a week into it, I ended up with the sudden influx of spam, all the same kind with malware attachments, some of which were spoofing My domain. In the two years I’ve had this domain and email I have not received ONE piece of spam. This is because I am very careful about using My address publicly. But, somehow, in the span of a week, and without having My email anywhere public, a bunch of spammers had My email and start sending Me phishing schemes with malware.

I did some research on this host and found some other people complaining about the surge in spam. One guy went into an analysis of the mail servers, IP addresses, etc. and came to the conclusion that this host must be aiding spammers in some way. I wish I would have found this before I signed up with them. Obviously, I would have never moved there. Since I wasn’t interested in hanging around long enough to see if it would get worse, so, in a bit of a panic, I moved.

The second host, while very secure and professional, did not offer IMAP/POP support. This is a major downer for Me and was initially why I didn’t go with them as My first choice, but in My panic, changed My mind because I wanted security and trust. Well, after signing up and paying the annual fee, discovered that I cannot create subfolders(!!). Never in a million years would I have imagined an email host, quickly gaining global popularity, not offering subfolders! They have “labels”. This is like color coding things and will not work for the intricate way I organize all My email.

Now, I’m on My third. This one, while secure, is not considered the most secure email in the world (#2). It offers support for My own domain, IMAP/POP, and…subfolders! The price is very reasonable, too. Another good thing is they allow a 30-day trial.

I’m in the process of changing the DNS to reroute everything through them. I really hope this works. I’m running out of solid options. I will not use Google, Yahoo, or other behemoths who are known to violate privacy and snoop through email. I’d say fuck all of this and start My own mail server…if I knew how to do that.

Sadly, this also means wasted money. None of the people will offer refunds for the plans I purchased and am not using — even though it’s been 12 days and less than 2 days, respectively.

Additionally, I had two session cancellations last week, two people go MIA who wanted a session this week, and, well, let’s just say, this is the unpredictability of this business which can be tough.

Today, I don’t feel well and have been in bed most of the day.

Calgon, take Me away.

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  1. I barely understand my phone so I can’t help w/tech problems.Seems like everybody is getting the “don’t feel well”, I’ve had it for 2 days. Happy Thanksgiving and maybe a tech savvy sub can post some help.

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