Who sent these sandals?

They came without any note.

They’re cute but not only did the seller send the wrong size — a US 9 was on my wishlist and they sent an 8 — they’re still about two sizes too big, which isn’t as apparent in the photo because of how I’m sitting down with my feet off the side of my couch.

I contacted the seller and they are telling me I have to pay shipping back to China. That’s right: I must pay for their mistake or inability to correctly size their shoes.

That’s it. I’m done trying shoes from Chinese manufacturers who are shipping from China. I think most of the time they never fit correctly.

Anyway, thanks for sending them, mystery person beth! Too bad they didn’t work out!

5 thoughts on “Who sent these sandals?”

    1. Thank you for sending them!

      I contacted the seller and they offered a $2 refund(!) and that I could donate the shoes or that I would pay the shipping back the China. The shipping is more than the shoes! They know no one is going to pay to return them. Seems very scammy.

      Then, I spoke to Amazon about it and they provided a refund on behalf of this shady seller. So, I’ll pick something else off my wishlist.

    1. Beth does have good taste, but she found these on my wishlist, so I’ll take that compliment instead haha 🙂

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